Some leaks on Villain’s Plans

Villain Corp. Tycoon is another title we are working on... Here's the plan of our Villain office. Even there're only lines, you may feel the evil force already - i mean... look at that Bio-chamber! All we could tell, the villains are upgrading their plan and going to devastate all the super heroes you could name. Email or Tweet us, if you feel insecure after seeing this. We are going to provide the solutions

Monster Character Works Week!

Monsters, demons are all over our studios during this week. We are working on finalizing our demon characters on #FantasyArena and voila! Here's only sneak peak of them and we are so thrill that we'd like to share this in our blog. Each is unique and represent its characteristics, habits and skill set. It looks so alive with the vivid colorful style of graphic we love. We are so happy with these demons, monsters. Oh! And the logo is also first-time appearance here. Feel free to mail us, tweet us if feel like you

Monster Go! now has it own Japanese Logo

はじめまして。このゲームは「モンスター ゴー!」と申します。どうぞよろしく 。 。 。 。 As we're preparing all materials and our japanese greetings to Tokyo Game Show, we realize we need Japanese Logo for Monster Go! as well. It is as we thought, Katakana goes along well with our lively and vivid

Game Available

Super Flappy Ultimate Edition