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ThinkBox @ Tokyo Game Show 2014

Alright, we’d been updated about how we prepare for the event and it’s time to update what happened there.

- Many publishers visited our booth despite of lower-traffic location
- Our brochure of 500 ran out within the first day T^T
- Japanese publishers seem really like ‘Monster Go!’ which is great!
- Japanese girls seem to like ‘Monster Go!’ too @(^o^)/
- Sushi in Tokyo is insanely fresh with divine taste

So overall, it went well, we had so much fun in the event and this seem to bring a lot of (business) opportunities to us. We are looking to join another TGS which is Taiwan Game Show this year too if possible.

Again, if you are reading this and have any feedback or question (Sushi restaurant name, maybe), feel free to mail us at [email protected]; we would be more than happy to talk!