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PR: Monster Go! heads to Tokyo Game Show

ThinkBox Studios – the new indie game studios will be presenting their next game – ‘Monster Go!’ at Tokyo Game Show Event.

ThinkBox Studios – new indie game studios from Thailand get support to showcase playable version of their next game called ‘Monster Go!’ at Tokyo Game Show 2014. The exhibition booth will be in ‘Asian New Star’ Area and the event is during 18 – 21 September 2014. The Fund is supported by ASEAN Japan Centre (AJC), Thailand Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) and Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP).

“We believe the reason that we get support to go to Tokyo Game Show is that our game be original, standout and unique in terms of both graphic design and gameplay amongst all candidates nationwide. Our objective is not only to present the potential of thai game studios but also to get attention of the international investors toward the game industry in Thailand.” – Thunyut Chienpairoj, ThinkBox Studios Founder talks about this event.

About the game that bring the opportunity – Monster Go! is an endless runner – RPG hybrid game that combined the best of both worlds. Character design and development system of the game are uniquely created. With a drop of RPG element that resembled Pokemon. Pick from different monsters class, level up monster and learn new skills, both passive and active that will give chance against a horde of different type of enemies. Equip the monster with active skills and items that vary based on selected class. Keep improving your monster until it evolve to a higher class. The game is planned to launch during Q4 of 2014.

ThinkBox Studios is an indie game studio located in Bangkok, starts its operations in Q3 of 2013 and has just launched their first game ‘Super Flappy Ultimate Edition’ last month, which is free-to-play and could be downloaded from App Store & Play Store. The Studios is working on several games in parallel and information of game update and progress could be found on


If you would like more information on ThinkBox Studio or the games, please contact:
Arunwan Munkongsongsak, Co-founder & CMO
Email: [email protected]