Monster go!’s ranking is on fire

This post is just for us to celebrate a little achievement when we captured ranking table from App Annie on day 7th after Monster Go! launched on Windows store <3 Looks like most of the gamers on Windows phone loves the game as we've got 4.5 out 5 rating stars from users which is very exciting! Image below would tell how Monster Go!'s doing on all major markets: Monster Go! 7-days Ranking US Store: Ranking #2 Top-free games + Featured on Spotlight & New+Rising sections
China Store: Ranking #4 Top-free

Winter is Coming…

It could be shivering when you hear saying 'Winter is Coming' these days. We got it. Winter is chasing us frozenly in our studios while our graphic team is working on a stage of 'Monster Go!'. Well, at least it looks like our monsters enjoy its fashion. I mean, look at those clothes! Let us know if you have any idea on adding the frozen to the pic. Tweet or mail us now!

ThinkBox @ Tokyo Game Show 2014

Alright, we'd been updated about how we prepare for the event and it's time to update what happened there. - Many publishers visited our booth despite of lower-traffic location - Our brochure of 500 ran out within the first day T^T - Japanese publishers seem really like 'Monster Go!' which is great! - Japanese girls seem to like 'Monster Go!' too @(^o^)/ - Sushi in Tokyo is insanely fresh with divine taste So overall, it went well, we had so much fun in the event and this seem to bring a lot of (business) opportunities

Thankful for reviews (of madness)

It's been almost 2 months since Super Flappy Ultimate Edition has launched. And we've been receiving comments & reviews incessantly. It sounds like most of users like our game which is good and we're happy about it. We feel thankful and these little inspiration from you driving us keep doing great thing here. We just wanna say THANK YOU! and we're really really appreciated by any small feedback. Mail us if you feel like making your feedback personal:

ThinkBox Game Studios – Brochure at TGS

Our first material to TGS here is A5 brochure. So if you cannot make it to TGS this year at least you wouldn't miss our beautiful brochure and details on it. In case you would be there, pls make sure you visit our booth in 'Asian New Stars' zone to pick up physical one - we sure you gonna love it! Email or tweet us if you think we should add your favourite characters in Super Flappy Ultimate

PR: Monster Go! heads to Tokyo Game Show

ThinkBox Studios - the new indie game studios will be presenting their next game - ‘Monster Go!’ at Tokyo Game Show Event. ThinkBox Studios - new indie game studios from Thailand get support to showcase playable version of their next game called ‘Monster Go!’ at Tokyo Game Show 2014. The exhibition booth will be in ‘Asian New Star’ Area and the event is during 18 - 21 September 2014. The Fund is supported by ASEAN Japan Centre (AJC), Thailand Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) and Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). “We

Some leaks on Villain’s Plans

Villain Corp. Tycoon is another title we are working on... Here's the plan of our Villain office. Even there're only lines, you may feel the evil force already - i mean... look at that Bio-chamber! All we could tell, the villains are upgrading their plan and going to devastate all the super heroes you could name. Email or Tweet us, if you feel insecure after seeing this. We are going to provide the solutions

Monster Character Works Week!

Monsters, demons are all over our studios during this week. We are working on finalizing our demon characters on #FantasyArena and voila! Here's only sneak peak of them and we are so thrill that we'd like to share this in our blog. Each is unique and represent its characteristics, habits and skill set. It looks so alive with the vivid colorful style of graphic we love. We are so happy with these demons, monsters. Oh! And the logo is also first-time appearance here. Feel free to mail us, tweet us if feel like you

Monster Go! now has it own Japanese Logo

はじめまして。このゲームは「モンスター ゴー!」と申します。どうぞよろしく 。 。 。 。 As we're preparing all materials and our japanese greetings to Tokyo Game Show, we realize we need Japanese Logo for Monster Go! as well. It is as we thought, Katakana goes along well with our lively and vivid

Monster Go! is heading to Tokyo Game Show 2014

Monster Go! our next game to release has made its way to Tokyo Game Show to be showcased as a product of new indie dev from Thailand. Tokyo Game Show 2014 will be first event we share our playable beta of Monster Go! and also official trailer. Our booth would be located in 'Asian New Star' area. We also preparing our visual stuffs to display and it would be very exciting! We would also let our visitors see some sneak peaks of our others games in development. ThinkBox Studios will be in the event on

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Super Flappy Ultimate Edition